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Thursday, March 29, 2007

DISC and Love

This topic might catch your attention! We do a DISC virtual training program (Go DEEP with DISC) several times a year that provide trainers and other HR professionals with the latest information and applications in using the DISC assessment tool. During the program, each participant must make a presentation to the rest of the group. One of the participants did a very interesting presentation covering how our DISC style affects us in relationships, particularly differences between what is important to us in dating, creating romance and intimacy and then later in marriage or a committed relationship. For example, since individuals with a high "D" (Dominance) preference are focused on results, they can often get a little complacent once the goal is reached (e.g. the marriage takes place). They have to be reminded of the need to continue the romance into the on-going relationship. She also talked about how a high "C' (Conscientiousness) preference might lose some of their passion if their partner carelessly throws clothes on the floor, or doesn't take the mood they have set seriously enough. I'll continue to add to this discussion, but thought we would start it here. What do you think? How have you seen your own DISC style affect love in your life?


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