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Saturday, July 08, 2006

7 Deadly Sins DISC Trainers Make

I have been using the DISC model in my work with clients for over 20 years now. It is a fabulous tool for helping people understand behavior, minimize conflict, enhance relationships and more.

I have found 7 Deadly Sins that DISC Trainers Make. Here they are:
  • Not covering all four of the styles equally
  • Trying to teach too much in too little time
  • Not validating the individual’s experience, reality
  • Sharing too many “personal” examples & stories
  • Not having adequate DISC knowledge
  • Not focusing enough on how to apply DISC learnings
  • Not building in any follow-up for the group

I have made all of these mistakes and more over the years. If you would like to hear more about each one of these deadly sins and how to avoid them, please sign up for our free audio mini-course at http://www.disctraining.com/new_disctraining/7DeadlyDiscTrainingSins.asp. You will receive a lesson via email every three days or so. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, please tell me the mistakes you have made, and lessons you have learned in using DISC.

Have a great day!


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